Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Disrupting Classroom

By Christensen and company's target date of 2014, classroom teachers have five years to transform classrooms into student centric environments able to reach all types of learners. The authors suggest that we "start piecing together enough tool modules to create entire courses for each type of learner." The prevailing question is how do we begin now to prepare for the future? Do we take a hard look at each student who has walked through our doors, categorize their learning styles, and create learning modules for each type? Or do we take one curriculum unit and realign for each type of learning style individually as well as collectively?

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  1. To begin, I am thinking a lot about meeting the needs of struggling learners and how to best meet their learning style. What would be an intervention that would support the student to be more successful in reading, math etc? By doing this with our struggling learners, I am hopeful it will also open the door for all learners.