Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can We Make this Happen?

Disclaimer: I have not finished the book. My classroom teaching is limited to some student- teaching in college some 40 years ago. I am, however, a college trustee of 12 years, a Dorset school director and a BBA trustee. I care deeply about education and its ability to transform lives. I have sensed for a long time that we need fundamental change. I am committed to working for change.

I confess to a sense of urgency, but I am stuck on all the reasons why disruptive innovation will not happen in the BRSU and most public schools in the near term.

If we accept Gardner's premise that there are at least eight different intelligences, how we will get teachers to move to a student-centric model? Technology, as defined in the broadest terms in Chapter 3, offers a possible path, however:

"an organization cannot disrupt itself" Repeated throughout the book.

Jackie: "Schools are not big risk takers" I would add that school boards and teachers are not big risk takers either.

Where will the resources come from to support disruptive innovation?

I am optomistic about the ability of institutions to transform themselves, but I worry that we are way behind the curve on this issue. My experience has taught me that schools, even independent ones, move ever so slowly.

How can we pick-up the pace?

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